We accept major insurance plans and Medicare. Below is the list of most popular plans we accept. For information about your plan, please contact your insurance company.

  • Aetna -all plans except HMOs

  • Anthem Blue Cross -all plans except HMOs and plans available through the Covered California

  • Blue Cross -all plans except HMOs

  • Blue Shield -all plans except HMOs

  • Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP): CCHP Direct Network only

  • Cigna -all plans except HMOs

  • Covered California -Blue Shield and CCHP (Chinese Community Health Plan) Direct Network only

  • Medicare

  • HealthNet -all plans except HMOs

  • United Health Care -all plans except HMOs

  • Workers Compensation

NOTE: Please be aware that we will make every attempt to bill your health insurance company for our services. However, in the event that your health insurance company denies our claim for any reason, or assigns the allowed charges to your annual deductible or co-insurance, or if you do not have health insurance, you will be responsible for charges ranging from $200 to $750 depending on the services provided.
As a specialty medical practice, we may need to perform diagnostic procedures, testing, and/or therapy during your visit in the best interest of your care. Procedures/testing/therapy will be billed separately and may not be included in the cost of the standard office visit with our physician. 
Please call your insurance company in advance of your appointment and give them our NPI (1578996906) and the following frequently used Common Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes listed below for the procedures/testing/therapy that may occur during your visit. You will want to determine if these services are covered and if so, how much you may be required to pay out of pocket based on your individual plan’s co-insurance and deductible.

Frequently Used CPT Codes

  • X-Ray: CPT Code 73610/ 73630

  • Wart Removal: CPT Code 17110/ 17111/ 11420/ 11421/ 11422

  • Ingrown nail procedure: CPT Code 11730/ 11750

  • Taping: CPT Code: 29540

  • Injection: CPT Code 20605/ 20600/ 20612/ 64450/ 11900/ 20551/ 20550/ 20552

  • Biopsy: CPT Code 11100/ 11755/ 10021

  • Custom orthotics: L3000/ 97760/ 97762