At Elevate, our biomechanics department is led by both our podiatrist and certified pedorthist.  Proper biomechanical evaluation is performed for diagnosis and treatment.  We understand the importance of biomechanics as mal-alignment and poor function are a major contributor to many foot conditions.


Your insurance may cover part of your treatment of custom orthoses.  Please contact your insurance carrier for verification.  Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the fabrication of your device after the biomechanical evaluation and impression.  We have contracted with a professional lab in addition to our lab for all prescription devices, and will need to obtain a deposit of $150 prior to sending your prescription.  The deposit will be returned to you upon payment from your insurance carrier.  If your insurance does not cover custom orthoses, the cost is $450 for the medical device.  For more details, please read Reference Guide and Our Policies for Functional Foot Orthoses.

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